Episodes from Liberty City: The Grand Theft Auto IV DLC heads to PS3, PC on March 30

Next stop, PlayStation Network, followed by Games for Windows Live and several threads complaining about Games for Windows Live

Whoa. Rockstar just announced that the two DLCs for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, will be released for the PS3 and PC on March 30. That’s March 30 world-wide, mind you. The games will be sold separately (as downloads on PSN and Games for Windows Live) as well as in the familiar Episodes from Liberty City double pack.

This marks the first time that either of the DLCs will be available for anything other than the Xbox 360. (The rumor was that Microsoft gave Rockstar several sacks of money for a timed exclusivity deal.)

As far as extras go, the PS3 version looks to be pretty much a straight port of the Xbox 360 version(s). PC gamers can look forward to expanded multi-player options (such as a 32-person limit) and “an advanced video editor,” to quote the masterfully worded press release.

PC gamers are invited to complain about needing Games for Windows Live (near universally hated) and the Rockstar Social Club.

No word on price. Sorry.