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The Black Friday Survival Guide

It wasn’t easy accumulating the research data displayed in the following guide. I saw horrific sights working retail for seven long years in both a big box electronic store and a major shoppin

A New Tokyoflash Pocket Watch For The Tubercular Steampunk Dandy In Your Life

Planning a trip around the world in 80 days? Spending some time with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? You're going to need this $149 Tokyoflash, touchscreen pocket watch that, is as far as I can

So, What Did You Get?

Good morning! Hope all is well. I’m sitting on the couch eating fake food from my daughter’s new plastic kitchen and my son is playing with a “Darda Power Loop Pyramid,” a comp

The 12 Days Of Christmas Digital Storm Computer Giveaway Winner

Happy holidays, dear readers! From everyone here at CrunchGear, thank you for making 2010 a blockbuster year for us. Your daily allegiance to our little site does not go unnoticed and our 12 Days of

Open Thread: What Are You Doing Today?

Shopping? Fighting? Dancing? Hugging? Working? Tell us! Remember, you can still win all sorts of crazy stuff today. We’re closing all of our contests tonight.

12 Days Of Christmas: Nook Color Giveaway

Reading and books: probably the most fantastic gifts possible. That said, the Nook Color can do books, magazines, simple games, and browse the web all on an Android system. It’s been called an i

Keeping Christmas Green With A Couple Eco-Friendly Wrapping Tips

<img src="" />It's almost Christmas, and if your family is anything like mine (I really don't know how likely that is), th

Review: Roland R-05

Short Version: The Roland R-05 is a pocket recorder for professionals and semi-pros looking to record voice and/or music live. It’s a far sight better than any smartphone recorder and the featur

12 Days of Christmas: Blu-Ray Player and a Redbox Subscription

Grab ringside seats to the death of optical media with one of three new Blu-ray players complete with 1 year of free Redbox rentals. The folks at Redbox, who are running some other kind of concurrent

Review: 3M MP160 Pico Projector

Short version: 3M’s MPro series puts on a little weight! It’s still smaller than a regular projector, but it’s chunkier than every pico projector out there. But it’s also brigh

12 Days Of Christmas: Sony Bloggie Touch Giveaway

The Sony Bloggie camera is for taking pictures and videos with. It is my understanding that some people would be particularly interested in this hardware and so we are pleased to offer two of these it

The Handstand: An iPad Case… For Your Hand!

<img src="">Do you carry an iPad? Do you need it always stuck to your hand? This is the product for you. T

Review: Microvision ShowWX+ Pico Projector

Short version: It’s hard to beat the ShowWX on portability and convenience, but on brightness and image quality it falls short of the competition.

Review: SteelSeries World Of Warcraft Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries’ second go at creating such a mouse, the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse (yes, it’s a mouthful) could make a fine gift this holiday season for the WoW player in your

12 Days Of Christmas: OnLive Giveaway

Been looking onto this whole OnLive gaming thing with a bit of curiosity? Well then, let the us here at CrunchGear play the part of Santa and put one under your Christmas tree this year. We’re g

2010 In Review: Toys, Lots And Lots Of Toys

<img src="">Sorry, we like toys around here and we don't care what you think. Tonka trucks, robotic spiders and portable gaming systems sho

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Denon, Able Planet, & AKG Models Compared

Noise canceling headphones are a must. A must, I say. There is no way I’m riding in a disease-riddled airliner and listening to the guy behind me hack up tuberculosis. Hells no. I sit down, don

A Watch Gift Guide For The Ladies

If you haven’t yet got the special lady in your life a gift for Christmas yet, don’t panic, you’ve still got time. Yes, time. A watch is a wonderful present that’s sure to bring a smile. Here

A Little Bling For Your Holiday: Hands On With Ulysee Nardin's $1.1 Million Watch

<img src="">Only a few more days 'til Christmas and time's running out! This year, inst

12 Days Of Christmas: Boxee Box Giveaway

The Boxee Box will certainly bring joy and merriment to your holiday. It is with out question one of my favorite gadgets of 2010 and so I’m really excited that we can give one away to a lucky re
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