12 Days Of Christmas: Zune HD

The Zune brand may be the whipping boy of the blog world, but everyone who’s ever gotten their hands on my Zune HD has been seriously impressed. You know why? Because it’s awesome. It&#821

The Great Holiday iPad Case Round-Up iPads are shaping up to be a popular gift this year (despite the certainty of a sequel just around the cor

Review: Kobo Wireless E-Reader

Short version: It’s the same thing I reviewed a few months ago, but with wi-fi and an on-device store. They work as well as can be expected on an e-ink device.

Amazon Black Friday Doorbuster: Previous-Gen Kindle For Only $89

<img src="" />Looking to buy a <a href="">Kindle</a> or two, but feeling a

Six Million Dollar Man Sees Complete Collection DVD Release, Fans Rush To Lee Majors’ Defense

<img src="" />A new DVD release has captured the attention of the American nation. The Six Million Dollar Man, one of the first prominent s

DODOcase Now Available For The Kindle (Finally!)

DODOcase happens to be one of our fav iPad cases and so we’re more than pleased to pass along word that there’s now a Kindle case done up in the same handmade style. The Kindle case is ava

Review: Barnes & Noble NookColor

Short Version: The Barnes & Noble Nook looked like an also-ran until they came out with the first mass-market color e-reader, the NookColor, one of the first LCD e-readers worth considering. Altho

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sprint

<img src=""><b>Short Version</b> Android users rejoice! The same excellent operating system and interface you love in your phone is now

Review: Macbook Air 13-inch

Short Version: There will be no pleasing either side of the Apple fanboy divide with this review so I’ll say it up front: If you’re looking for an alternative to a heavier Apple laptop &#8

Review: The Apple iPad

In these times we have little opportunity for mystical religious experience. By “religious” I mean the feeling that something exciting is about to happen – whether after death or imm

Episodes from Liberty City: The Grand Theft Auto IV DLC heads to PS3, PC on March 30

<img src="" />Whoa. <a HREF="">Rockstar</a> just announced that the two DLCs for <a HREF="http://w

Atari-style USB joystick sports built-in emulator

<img title="joystick" src="" />At first glance, $30 may seem like a lot for a one-button old school Atari joystick with a USB connectio

CrunchDeals: Sylvania Blu-ray player for $90

<img src="" />Have you heard about Blu-ray? Don't question it, just get a player! They're all the rage! You can get in

Mouse pad + 10-key + USB hub = Converged hotness

<img title="410-144" src="" alt="" width="619" height="477" />Oh man, I must be dreaming. Please don't wake up! Please don't wake up! Pl