Robot maker Vstone rolls out three mini humanoids


We just recently visited Japanese robot maker Vstone‘s flagship store in Akihabara for a detailed photo report. The company has now announced three mini humanoids, which are all part of their famous “Robovie” series of two-legged robots. Buyers can choose between a new Robovie-X model and two versions of Robovie-nano. Vstone is offering the three robots not as kits but as finished products.

The original version of Robovie-X was released back in February 2008, and Vstone sold a number of variations of X since. This version (“Robovie-X Complete Set”) stands 18cm tall, weighs 1.3kg and features a total of 17 joints in its body. Buyers can control the little guy (pictured on top) with a wireless remote control.


As the name suggests, Robovie-nano (pictured above) is X’s little brother. Nano is just 12cm tall and 575g heavy. Vstone started selling him in September last year. The company now offers a “controller version” (buyers get a wireless remote control) and a “special version” (Robovie-nano also comes with a gyroscope/accelerometer that’s also built into Robovie-X).

Robovie-X costs $1,450, while the Robovie-nano is priced at $800 (controller version) and $915 (special version). All three robots go on sale in mid-January. Upgrading Robovie-nano with a “grip set” so that he can old small objects (like the red ball seen above) will cost another $70.

Email Vstone directly if you’re interested in getting one of the robots but live outside Japan.