• Robovie-PC Wins World's First Robot Marathon

    The world’s first robot marathon, which was started on Friday in Osaka, Japan, ended on Sunday evening, with mini humanoid Robovie PC emerging as the winner. Mini humanoid Robovie-PC stands 40cm tall, weighs 24.kg, and has 20 joints. Read More

  • World's First Robot Marathon Has Started (Livestream)

    Last week, we reported about Japanese robot maker Vstone’s plan to start the world’s first full marathon [JP] for humanoids, and that race started today at 10am Japanese time. It will take the 5 participants until Sunday to complete the full marathon (42.195km) in Osaka, and thanks to Ustream, you can see them running live until the very end. Read More

  • Video: First Robot To Run Full Marathon Next Week

    We all knew this day would come, and we all knew this would happen in Japan: robot maker Vstone has announced what it says is the first full marathon [JP] for humanoids on February 24 in Osaka. The group of five mini robots will “run” (rather walk) around a 100m long course exactly 421 times plus another 95m to complete a marathon (42.195km). Read More

  • Video: Robovie-R Ver. 3 to start supporting the elderly in November

    The Robovie-R Ver.3, an advanced service humanoid jointly made by major Japanese robot maker Vstone and Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR), has a lot going for it. The 120cm robot can understand and answer questions, he can serve as a guide for humans (he “walks” at about 2.5km/h), he’s cute, and he’s touch sensitive (through a total… Read More

  • New Japanese soccer robot shows the way to human-less sports is still long

    The “RoboCup Japan Open 2010” [JP] is currently taking place in Osaka, and the world’s biggest robot soccer tournament has attracted 225 teams from all over the world this time. Started in 1997, the official goal of the RoboCup is to have a team of humanoids play and defeat a team comprised of human soccer players during a “real” world soccer cup sometime… Read More

  • Videos: See Robovie-R Ver. 3, the robot for the elderly and disabled, in action

    We’ve given you some early information and a first picture of Robovie-R Ver.3 (a robot that’s supposed to make life for older and handicapped people easier) last week. And today, the makers of the robot, major Japanese robot maker Vstone and Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR), made Robovie-R official [JP]. Read More

  • Robovie-R Ver. 3 to make life for the elderly and disabled easier

    Robovie is one of the most famous robot brands in Japan (we last covered the iPod touch-powered robovie mR2 in March), and major Japanese robot maker Vstone‘s flagship series is to get a significant upgrade soon. Just like the mR2, this new model, the Robovie-R Ver.3, was jointly developed by Vstone and Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR). Read More

  • Robot maker Vstone rolls out three mini humanoids

    We just recently visited Japanese robot maker Vstone‘s flagship store in Akihabara for a detailed photo report. The company has now announced three mini humanoids, which are all part of their famous “Robovie” series of two-legged robots. Buyers can choose between a new Robovie-X model and two versions of Robovie-nano. Vstone is offering the three robots not as kits but as… Read More

  • CrunchGear visits top robot store Vstone in Akihabara (photo report)

    We’ve covered robots from Japan-based robot developer and retail store Vstone a few times in the past. Reason enough for me (I live in Japan) to go and have a good look at Vstone’s flagship store in Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronic district, and make a few pics (the company itself is headquartered in Osaka). Read More

  • Claw vending machine + cute robot = Puchi Robo Catcher

    Claw vending machines, also known as UFO catchers or crane games, are a multi-billion dollar business in Japan. Combine this fact with the Japanese penchant for robots, and you get the Puchi Robot Catcher, whose arms are used instead of the usual cranes. Read More

  • Meet Robovie-X PRO, Japan's newest mini humanoid

    http://blip.tv/play/ih_hsHqJ5FQ Osaka-based robot maker Vstone today unveiled a humanoid called Robovie-X Pro, an update of the Robovie-X the company presented back in September. The new model stands 38cm tall (the former one was 34cm high) and weighs about 2kg. It features 19 joints (one in the arm, six in the arms and 12 in the legs), a USB port and a special robot CPU (VS-RC003HV). The robot… Read More

  • Meet Black OX, Gigantor's rival robot (and pre-order for a lot of Yen)

    Osaka-based robot maker Vstone starts accepting pre-orders [JP, PDF] for their newest model, the Black Ox… Read More