Casio goes back in time, introduces Photoshop filters built into photo frames

Casio, I like you. I like you a lot. You make good cameras. You make lots of good things. But if you try to pass off a set of 8 built-in “artistic filters” as a revolution in digital imaging again, I will break up with you. I’m serious. You just talked for half an hour about cameras and photo frames that apply incredibly rudimentary filters to perfectly good pictures, making them bizarre and creepy.

And the less we talk about the compositing software, the better. Please to enjoy the following video for demonstration.

Need I say more? Here’s the device itself.


This is embarrassing. How can this company create the most innovative and useful compact digital camera on the market, and at the same time be so insane as to think this was a marketable product? I need to stop or I’m just going to get angrier.