• Quick look: iOmega iConnect Wireless Data Station

    Ever since Iomega announced the iConnect Wireless at CES we’ve been thinking long and hard about our NAS usage. Do we really want a NAS with built-in drives? Why can’t we be free of NAS hegemony? Well, the $99 iConnect promises to break our shackles. It’s a NAS without a drive. Here’s a quick hands on and we’ll do a full review this week. The press release, for… Read More

  • The next frontier: Converting 2D to 3D

    Remember at CES when all of the companies were like “We’ll convert your 2D to 3D?” Yeah, ummm, nah. What will happen is that studios will back-convert some of their old movies – or movies not shot in 3D – to 3D using a time-consuming, partially automated process. Like in love, the first cut is the deepest: The first step is to separate the shot into somewhere… Read More

  • The Onion's CES Highlights

    The Onion, always good for a quick larf, just posted a list of great new devices launched at CES including but not limited to: Radioshack—Big Sack of Adapters: The right one is probably in there somewhere Bose—Noise-Postponing Headphones: Using Bose’s patented SoundDelay technology, these headphones store ambient distractions for up to six hours before unleashing them all at… Read More

  • BioWare tries to balance the BioWare way with the attraction of new fans with Mass Effect 2

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have a conundrum. As many of you know, Mass Effect 2 comes out on January 26. It’s the first big game of the year. There’s only one problem: I’m having a heck of a hard time getting excited about it. What’s wrong with me, because clearly something is? Read More

  • Interview: Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo

    You may have caught our interview with Yamauchi-san as it streamed live (about 40 minutes in) on Saturday, but for your convenience I’ve pared it down and added in our non-live footage. At 24 minutes it’s quite a long interview (so no transcription ready yet, though I’ll add one eventually) but an interesting one. Among other things, we talked about his approach to… Read More

  • MSI's two-screen wonder looks a lot like that extinct OLPC 2.0

    Remember that OLPC design that had two touchscreens joined at the hip, kind of like we saw with the Courier later? Yeah, it got canned, but the basic design seems to have lived on in this MSI concept. Read More

  • LG's UHD TV: 3840×2160 pixels of goodness

    Gigantic TVs aren’t really my area of expertise, but this one was so big and beautiful that I couldn’t help snapping a few shots as I drifted by it on my way to who knows where. This thing, if production is even planned, will likely cost somewhere around… oh, your first-born child. It might be worth it, too. Click for full size, and here’s the little boast that was… Read More

  • Video highlights from CrunchGear's CES 2010 booth

    CrunchGear had its own booth at a CES event this year and of course we streamed all the interviews live. East Coasters may have missed out due to the late schedule though. So here they are for a second time. Daniel Brusilovsky started out the panel with a demo of mSpot video streaming Android app. But we go on to take a look Stitcher, Shapeways, a Geek Not Needed router, the L5 iPhone… Read More

  • Chumby Sunfury tablet coming?

    We missed this one. But then again, the onle mention of the Chumby Sunfury tablet at CES ’10 was in the Marvell booth. We were too busy palling around with Stan Lee to notice anything else. Good thing the nerds from technabob has our back and managed to get a spec sheet. Read More

  • CEA boots small vendors out of Las Vegas hotels

    In the dog eat dog world of the CE business, margins are low and money – especially in this economy – is tight. That’s why a number of smaller vendors, including some we talked to in Vegas, took rooms in local hotels or ran “peripheral” events in other venues. The Daily Tech reports that some of those vendors have been ousted by the hotels themselves after the… Read More

  • Here's a 1990 CES photo set for your amusement

    Another year, another CES. The show this year wasn’t that different then previous years with some new stuff, a lot of old crap, and nerds all over Vegas. Hopefully you followed us around the show floor via our massively-successful Livestream feed. If not, stay tuned. We’re going to cut a lot of the fluff and repost the good stuff like my interview with a panda and Doug walking into… Read More

  • CES postmortem: So long, and thanks for all the press kits

    To cap off the CES coverage, we’d like to give a shout-out to our partners and also discuss our coverage. We do this for you guys, after all, so feel free to chime in with your opinion on both the show and us. The biggest electronics show in the world is a difficult thing to report as it is with only a handful of timid bloggers, ripped from their natural habitat as it were, and placed in… Read More

  • Hands-on with Microvision's pico projector-equipped gun controller

    You remember a few months ago there was a video going around of this thing, and I called it out for being derivative of the Redneck Techie’s Game Gun? Well, that criticism still stands, but after testing this controller out, I have to say that whether it’s the only game gun on the market or not, this thing is awesome. Read More

  • Best of CES 2010

    CES is over for CrunchGear (we’ll still be posting some stragglers today and tomorrow) but we’d like to reflect on the best gear we saw at the show. These few days flew by and even with the glut of 3D TVs and ereaders we were actually impressed by a few small, good things that caught our eye on the show floor. Here are the winners of CrunchGear’s Best of CES 2010 informal… Read More

  • Feet on with Sanyo's eneloop electric-assist bike

    So if you’re living anywhere outside the US, you’re sitting on an electric bike right now. It seems we’re the only country in which electric-assist bikes like this haven’t caught on. Maybe it’s because of our obsession with gigantic, gas-guzzling SUVs we never use for their intended purpose. But I digress. The fact is that other countries have found electric… Read More

  • Evertune keeps your guitar tuned forever

    At the Startup Debut event earlier on at CES, we got to check out this great, and practical, new guitar component called Evertune. It’s a bridge that keeps your guitar tuned at whatever you put it at, but not using freaky electronics. I thought it had to involve microservos and such, but no: The EverTune bridge feeds your guitar strings into an adaptive spring-tensioner inside the… Read More

  • Sharp goes its own way, doesn't lose its mind promoting 3D TV (like everyone else has)

    Let’s have a round of applause for Sharp, which could be the only TV manufacturer here that isn’t freaking out over 3D. (Not that it, too, doesn’t have 3D TVs on its roster, but it doesn’t treat them as the be-all, end-all.) Instead, Sharp made the brave decision to try something different, which, you’ll recall, adds yellow to the usual threesome of red, green… Read More

  • CES so far

    CES always seems shorter than it really is. We’ve been here in Vegas since Tuesday, reporting live on almost everything of any importance, and we’re all goofy and tired. I usually hate CES. It’s a long slog through endless halls and repetitive meetings that go over what has already been gone over. But this year was different. This year’s CES was strangely subdued… Read More

  • You know, you could have just asked me to put my camera away, Mr. Drunk With Power bouncer

    Why do nightclub bouncers think they’re above the law? I attended a Divx party at some place called Moon at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas for CES. (Divx actually has some neat stuff on the way, but that’s a matter for another day.) Like always, I had my camera, a Canon DSLR, hanging around my neck. This, having a camera, wasn’t an issue at the Divx party, which ended at… Read More

  • NSFW: True Companion Debuts Sex Robot Roxxxy

    Men have often dreamed it, but it hasn’t become a reality until today: the sex robot. The technology was developed by Douglas Hines of  True Companion, an electrical engineer and computer scientist who formerly worked in the artificial intelligence lab at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Roxxxy, the sexy bot, is a completely anatomically correct and customizable companion (from features to… Read More

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