You Only Live Twice: Spymaster Coming To Facebook Too

you_only_live_twiceBy now, many of you have heard about Spymaster, the viral game that uses your Twitter social graph to play and get more users into the game. Well guess what? It’s coming to that network with even more users, Facebook.

The integration should be launched at some point today, co-founder Chris Abad tells us. But the key is that this will not be playable on Facebook’s site like many of the gaming apps built for that platform are, instead this will use Facebook Connect to pipe updates into the social network, just as it works with sending updates to Twitter.

And users on Twitter and Facebook will be able to play at the same time against one another. Players on the different networks will be distinguished by the different icons. And you can link up accounts on both Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Spymaster caused quite a bit of controversy shortly after its launch as some followers of players on Twitter felt they were being spammed by the game. Since then, Spymaster and others have taken a few steps to make it easier to blunt some of the more viral-like elements of the game. But really, we felt the game just showed the need for Twitter to add at least some basic forms of filters on its core offering.

Apicture-411nd despite this blunting, Spymaster says it is already monetizing its product. “We started monetizing about a week ago. So far we’re seeing very high numbers in terms of revenue per user, as well as conversion rates. I can’t share specific numbers with you just yet, but Super Rewards (our partner for our virtual goods store) says we’re knocking it out of the park against comparables,” Abad tells us.