• You Only Live Twice: Spymaster Coming To Facebook Too

    By now, many of you have heard about Spymaster, the viral game that uses your Twitter social graph to play and get more users into the game. Well guess what? It’s coming to that network with even more users, Facebook. The integration should be launched at some point today, co-founder Chris Abad tells us. But the key is that this will not be playable on Facebook’s site like many of… Read More

  • The Man With The Golden iPhone: Spymaster Going Mobile

    By now you either are addicted to Spymaster, or absolutely can’t stand it. The viral Twitter-based game in which you do spy-like things such as “assassinate” your followers is a great time-waster. But it’s also drawn some criticism as being “spammy.” That isn’t stopping the team from pushing the game forward — first, by finally opening it up… Read More

  • Blown Cover: A Couple Ways To Stop Those Spymaster Invite DMs

    As we’ve relentlessly documented, the Twitter-based game Spymaster went from a private alpha, to insanely popular, to feeling a full rush of backlash in about 3 days. While a lot of users were upset with Spymaster tweets from their friends filling up their streams, even more annoying to some was the constant direct messages (DMs) from friends to join the service. Now there’s a… Read More

  • Twitter Goes Down, Spymaster Makes Fun Of Them

    Yes, Twitter is down. Yes, again. Yes, they’re looking into it. Yes, this is another Twitter post. But, I come bearing gifts. Spymaster, the somewhat controversial and addictive Twitter-based game obviously doesn’t work nearly as well when Twitter is down. In fact, it doesn’t work at all. The creators have made a fun little Fail Whale graphic of their own, indicating the the… Read More

  • Spy Vs. Spy: The Spymaster Backlash Begins And Twitter Needs To Fix It

    Spymaster, the Twitter-based game that we covered last night, is spreading like crazy today. It’s been a trending topic on Twitter throughout the day, even ahead of the hype around Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing. Because of this popularity though, some Twitter users are getting inundated with tweets from the service in their streams. It’s not really spam, because… Read More

  • Spymaster: The Twitter Game That Will Assassinate Your Time

    Over the past few days, perhaps you’ve seen a few tweets pop up in your stream from people you follow that end with the “spymaster” hashtag. If not, it’s likely you will soon. Spymaster is a new social game based around Twitter in which you do spy-like things such as buy things on the black market, assassinations and put money in Swiss bank accounts. For doing all of… Read More