AcceleGlove: a Power Glove that actually works

We all remember the Power Glove as basically a broken promise. Well, here’s your chance to have that grip-control fantasy fulfilled: the AcceleGlove is a control interface that senses your fingers’ positions via accelerometers and uses them to control, say, that oversized Armatron they’ve got there in the video.

Remember Armatron?


Ah yeah.

Anyway, the AcceleGlove is, as you may guess from the guy’s spiel in the video, actually aimed at professional and military situations where a lightweight but precise control mechanism is needed for some basic navigational work with, say, a packbot. You probably won’t see it as an accessory any time soon, although the Peregrine Glove will be available soon if you feel the need to do some hand-based control.

The AcceleGlove, unfortunately, only detects things like bending your fingers, making a fist and so on, no waving or sign-language detection here. It comes with an open-source SDK, however, so you can always try hacking on some Wiimote parts.

[via OhGizmo and PC World]