Now robots can prepare your sushi and pancakes


As the world’s leading country in robotics, Japan is producing one robot after the other. Some of them are funny and some of them are for serious purposes. I assume the so-called “Chef Robot”, made for handling Nippon’s national dish sushi, is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Technically, the robot is a combination of major robot maker FANUC‘s M-430iA and “H”, a hand type robot developed by Tokyo-based Scuse. It’s able to pick up sushi from plates and move them around without breaking them.


Another food robot showcased at the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition in Tokyo is the Okonomiyaki Robot (Okonomiyaki are the Japanese version of pancakes). It’s able to make pancakes autonomously, covering the entire process from mixing the dough to flipping the pancakes. This robot, which can even be told how to prepare the Okonomiyaki, is the brain child of Osaka-based Toyo Riki.

Combine these robots with the dish washing robot I blogged about back in December and your kitchen can one day be completely free of humans.

Via The Japan Times