• Moley takes to Seedrs to crowdfund future kitchens with robotic chef arms

    Moley takes to Seedrs to crowdfund future kitchens with robotic chef arms

    The notion of a kitchen with a built in robot chef capable of whipping up a lobster bisque at the push of a button sounds like something out of Futurama. But it technically exists — at least as a demo prototype. UK startup Moley Robotics has been working on the concept for several years now, starting off in 2014 and showing off a demo unit last year. Read More

  • Countertop Is A Connected Kitchen Gizmo To Simplify Balanced Meal-Making

    Countertop Is A Connected Kitchen Gizmo To Simplify Balanced Meal-Making

    Meet Countertop: the latest connected kitchen gizmo from Google Ventures-backed Orange Chef which reckons it has found the perfect blend of smart and dumb kitchenware to help consumers prepare healthier meals and quantify the nutritional balance of what they eat. Read More

  • The Golden Goose, A Nifty Gadget That Scrambles Eggs In Their Shells, Kills It On Kickstarter

    The Golden Goose, A Nifty Gadget That Scrambles Eggs In Their Shells, Kills It On Kickstarter

    A Kickstarter-backed gadget called the Golden Goose is a new kitchen utility that lets you scramble eggs in the shell. Why? Because you can. I have to admit, I sort of love it when people find a way to take something that was totally not broken, and very simple to do – like scrambling eggs, for example – and reinvent it entirely. Seriously, even I can scramble eggs and… Read More

  • I Could Definitely Use This Fold-Out Field Kitchen

    While I feel there is a little danger of singing the wood in this Field Kitchen contraption, I love the idea. It’s the perfect size for a Colman stove, and they even sell two different kinds with it. Plus there’s room for silverware, plates, salt and pepper, the works. Unfortunately it’s also expensive as hell, but it’s free to look, right? Read More

  • Crinkled Cup Glass, For Your Modernist Beverage Needs

    The original ceramic crinkled cup has been around for decades, but this glass version is, if anything, better. Sure to get lots of comments at parties. You know, parties, where your friends come over and hang out. You know, your friends. Oh. Oh, I see. Me neither. [via Swiss Miss] Read More

  • Kickstarter: Coffee Joulies Are Temperature Regulators For Your Java

    Some people love the hot coffee. Love the hot. People order their americanos “extra hot” so the baristas will put out water at higher than the 180 degrees they aim at. Madness! Personally, I have to let it cool down a bit — but ideally, you want to drink the coffee as soon as possible to get the full flavor. Enter the Coffee Joulie. Read More

  • This OCD Chef Cutting Board Aligns Perfectly With My Neuroses

    I won’t deny it — I get pretty neurotic when I’m chopping stuff in my kitchen. I was just fretting over some barbecued pork earlier that I simply couldn’t slice into pieces of equal width. Cheese is like that too, and of course celery. Maybe I’m crazy (I’m crazy), but I think we can all agree that this measurement-covered cutting board is a pretty good idea. Read More

  • Pure Black Knife Set Is Evil-Looking, Tasteful

    Man, these are some handsome knives. They’re each cut from a single piece of metal and then given a grippy, non-stick black coating. It’s not really clear whether these knives are actually good knives, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having them hanging in my kitchen. Are you evil? A Sith lord perhaps? Or a gothic lolita moonlighting as a chef? I think these are for you. Read More

  • TB Groupe's Evercut: The Ultimate Knife?

    I don’t often get knife envy, because that’s a really scary kind of envy to admit you have, but if you don’t get knife envy looking at this incredible piece of hardware, there is something wrong with you. The Evercut knife is titanium carbide laser-bonded to steel, and they claim it’ll out-cut and outlast the best blades out there by a huge margin. Read More

  • Twee Altoids Tin BBQ Grill For Micro-Cookouts

    This is a fun idea; get a few of these together and you can have a sort of Western Sukiyaki party, with everyone cooking cocktail wienies in their own little heated dishes. All you need is an Altoids tin, some computer fan grills, and a little nut and bolt know-how. Full instructions here. [via Laughing Squid and Gizmodo] Read More

  • Post-Apple Palate Cleanser: Beautiful Cast-Iron Skillets

    Quick! I need something — anything without a touchscreen. Something not in the cloud. And no apps. And no 3G. And no 2G. And no buttons. Something that’s been in use for… oh, a good 2000 years straight. Yes, these beautiful cast-iron skillets from Borough Furnace are just what I required. [via NotCot] Read More

  • Another Canon Lens Mug! Want So Bad!

    What is it about lens mugs that gets me? Ever since we first saw that 70-200L thermos, I’ve had lens muggery on the mind. And now that classic Canon lens styling is in a more convenient mug form. It even comes with a lens cap lid! Read More

  • Ninjabread Men: A Stocking Stuffer For The Silent Killer In Your Life

    Yeah yeah, it’s a little early for the “stocking stuffer” talk. But hey, you buy a couple doodads now, that’s a few less doodads you gotta buy later. It’d be cool to give ninja cookie cutters to one kid and pirate ones to the other, and then have them make a gingerbread battle royale. Read More

  • Box + Many Skewers = Knife Block

    Back in June, we tried out a kitchen gadget called the Kapoosh. It’s an alternative to traditional wooden knife blocks in that… well, go watch the video. But this enterprising Redditor has created something perhaps even better (and almost certainly cheaper) by putting a bunch of wooden skewers in a wooden box. Instructions: 1. Place skewers in box (ensure the pointy ends face… Read More

  • This ceramic electric kettle is elegant – and gorgeous

    Well-designed kitchen stuff hits me right here, guys. I don’t know why. An elegant pan or pastry scraper is more exciting to me than a Droid X or new Sony camcorder. And here’s something I thought I’d never see: an electric kettle I desperately want. Read More

  • Steak-based computing from Intel, coming to a kitchen near you (seriously)

    This is great. If it actually works, it’s like the Surfaceless Surface crossed with… I don’t know, Cooking Mama. Intel Labs’ Tabletop Computing is about natural interactions with real objects, on regular surfaces. Of course, I doubt your kitchen is naturally dark enough to support a projected interface like this one, but they’ll figure something out. Sure… Read More

  • Tea Sub. For your daily cuteness infusion needs

    I’m not a tea drinker yet, but I’ve already started thinking about what method I’ll be using to create the stuff. I mean, you can go loose leaf, or glass infuser, or tea ball, regular bags, and probably a number of other ways as well. Look at this thing, for example. I guess it falls under the infuser category, or a cross with tea ball, but let’s just call it what it is… Read More

  • Tasteful typography: Helvetica cookie cutters

    Everybody likes Helvetica, and even if you’re a little sick of it being used everywhere, all the time, I’m sure you won’t turn down a delicious cookie based on it. To be honest, Impact would probably be more practical for cookie-making, but that really won’t do if you’re hosting a typography party (I can haz frosting?). Read More

  • Water oven makes slow cookin' that roast a breeze

    We did a little roast beast this year on Christmas, and although it turned out great, there was a huge amount of consternation involving variations in oven temperature, at what intervals to re-baste, and that sort of thing. If only there were a precision cooking instrument in which I could put a vacuum-packed hunk of meat and have it suspended in a perfect mass of temperature-controlled… Read More

  • Castoven: Microwave with built-in YouTube player (video)

    Two researchers from Japan’s Keio University (which yours truly attended just until recently by the way) have developed a kitchen appliance aimed at the total web geek in you, a YouTube-powered microwave. The so-called Castoven [JP] is based on a conventional, unbranded model of “good quality” but sports a 10.4-inch LCD screen in the door panel. Read More