Shinkei Systems’ AI-guided fish harvesting is more humane and less wasteful

Fresh fish isn’t really that fresh — even straight off the boat. The way they’re caught and killed is not only inhumane but detrimental to the resulting meat. There’s a far superio

Wildtype is opening up a pre-order list for select chefs as it focuses on lab-grown, sushi-grade salmon

Wildtype, the startup making lab-grown salmon, is opening up a pre-order list for select chefs. Although the company is as much as five years out from commercial production, according to founders, the

Singaporean Sushi Bar Acquires Tech Firm, Turns Founders Into Sushi Chefs

A Singaporean sushi chain has acquired a game psychology company in what looks like an acquisition of the latter’s four founders. Standing Sushi Bar, which runs three outlets in Singapore and an

SushiDisk USB stick/cell phone strap

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based gadget maker <a href="">Solid Alliance</a>

Video gallery: Japan gets five new gourmet robots

<img src="" /> We already covered <a href="

Now robots can prepare your sushi and pancakes

<img src="" /> <a href="

Japanese company releases Sushi guide for the iPhone

<img src="" />Great news for people who a) own an iPhone or iPod Touch and b) never know what kind of topping to get when eating Su

Japanese company sells "photorealistic" 3D-sushi/hamburger/pudding/orange puzzles

Tokyo-based toymaker Beverly Enterprises is selling 3D-puzzles [JP] of various groceries such as hamburgers, pudding, sushi, rice balls and oranges. The sushi-puzzle set (tuna and egg-sushi) is availa

Sushi's new bag line: This jam's for the ladies

It’s great to see nice-looking laptop bags for the ladies. This is from the same place as the blinged-out MacBook Air.