• Singaporean Sushi Bar Acquires Tech Firm, Turns Founders Into Sushi Chefs

    Singaporean Sushi Bar Acquires Tech Firm, Turns Founders Into Sushi Chefs

    A Singaporean sushi chain has acquired a game psychology company in what looks like an acquisition of the latter’s four founders. Standing Sushi Bar, which runs three outlets in Singapore and another in Jakarta, said it bought Gametize for an eight-digit sum. Gametize has a platform called GameMaki that gives clients a way to work challenges into their customer-facing services. Read More

  • SushiDisk USB stick/cell phone strap

    Tokyo-based gadget maker Solid Alliance has given us quite a few cool/whacky USB drives in the past, and their new sushi USB stick [JP] is a nice addition to the line-up. The so-called SushiDisk offers 2GB of storage, but that’s not really the important selling point here, is it? Read More

  • Video gallery: Japan gets five new gourmet robots

    We already covered the sushi and pancake making robots showcased at a machinery and technology in Tokyo last week. But there were more robots poised to make our future lives better, namely a kebab robot, a drink-serving robot (my favorite) and a tissue distribution robot that makes sure you can wipe your mouth after eating and drinking. Read More

  • Now robots can prepare your sushi and pancakes

    As the world’s leading country in robotics, Japan is producing one robot after the other. Some of them are funny and some of them are for serious purposes. I assume the so-called “Chef Robot”, made for handling Nippon’s national dish sushi, is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Read More

  • Japanese company releases Sushi guide for the iPhone

    Great news for people who a) own an iPhone or iPod Touch and b) never know what kind of topping to get when eating Sushi: Tokyo-based Shogakukan, known outside Japan for its extensive offerings of manga (Ichi The Killer, Ranma 1/2, Crying Freeman etc). is releasing a virtual sushi guide for these devices. Read More

  • Japanese company sells "photorealistic" 3D-sushi/hamburger/pudding/orange puzzles

    Tokyo-based toymaker Beverly Enterprises is selling 3D-puzzles [JP] of various groceries such as hamburgers, pudding, sushi, rice balls and oranges. The sushi-puzzle set (tuna and egg-sushi) is available from this month for $12 (a total of 13 parts must be assembled). And because the plastic toys look a lot like the real deal, the official tagline for the entire line-up is: “No, you… Read More

  • Sushi's new bag line: This jam's for the ladies

    [ It’s great to see nice-looking laptop bags for the ladies. This is from the same place as the blinged-out MacBook Air. Read More