What are the odds that we'll play Final Fantasy XIII before the next Ice Age?


I swear, you could round up the kids from The Little Rascals, give them a PS3 development kit, and they’d be able to pump out Final Fantasy XIII faster than Square Enix. Why? Squeenix was asked, for the billionth time, “When are you guys gonna release Final Fantasy XIII“” To which the company’s president replied, “We’ll do our best!” That’s for the Japanese market, mind you; pretty sure we’ll be at PlayStation 8 by the time the game comes out here in America (to say nothing of Europe).

Now, we’re certainly not looking at a Duke Nukem Forever scenario here or anything, but you’d think Square Enix would have figured out by know how to make a game or two, or, at least, not to announce a game half a decade before its eventual release date.

Patience, friends. We’ll be playing FFXIII before robots rule the world. I’m sure of it.