Bandai Japan sells beer shampoo

Bandai Japan today announced it will start selling beer shampoo (in beer bottles) December 1st [JP]. It’s about time somebody came up with this. The company is promoting the shampoo as part of its “One of the things everyone has been wanting to try for a long time at least once” series, which includes fake money bills that you can take a bath with [JP].

Bandai says one of the ingredients of the shampo is hops extract, exactly the kind found in normal beer. According to the company users are supposed to simulate the joy of opening a beer bottle with a splash without the usual consequences in their own home.

The shampoo is suitable for the body only and has a citrus fragrance, Bandai (seriously) promotes with being “the scent for humble winners”. Sorry, even though I live in Japan I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.

The shampoo will be sold in convenience stores and drugstores all over Japan, with one bottle costing $3. Bandai expects to ship 500,000 bottles by March next year.