Adonomics Folds Into Adknowledge. How Much Are Those Facebook Apps Worth Now?

Remember Adonomics (formerly Appaholic), the fishy analytics directory website for Facebook applications that we uncovered was used to pimp a service (the UADA, dead and buried now) from the same people who backed them (Altura Ventures), by ranking them as the biggest Facebook app creator before they ever launched? Well, we sure do.

According to AllFacebook, Adonomics has now been acquired by Adknowledge, which has made acquisitions in this space before (social ad network Cubics in December 2007). We have a feeling this was a very small deal, given the fact that Google Trends shows zero traffic for Adonomics since last April. (Update: Quantcast shows different stats, with rapidly increasing traffic numbers over the course of the Summer and a sharp decline right after. Alexa shows stagnation from April until now).

Lee Lorenzen, who runs Altura Ventures and was interim CEO for The UDUA back in the good old days, is notorious for making wild claims about the valuation of Facebook apps, and dreaming of a big seed investment round from aspiring Facebook app developers. We have an e-mail in with him to see how much Adknowledge valued Adonomics for.