Citizen Review: SteelSeries SIBERIA Full-Size Headset

Untitled1Today, reader PG reviews the SteelSeries SIBERIA Full-Size headset. Want to be a citizen reviewer? Post a review of one of your current gadgets on BFF and we may just send you something nice.

The Siberia set was designed for both gaming and MP3 players. First thing you’ll notice is the clean high-quality open design. The headset is built using a minimal amount of materials supporting an overall light comfortable feel. Other full-size headsets can get uncomfortable after extended use, but not these. The headset is of the open air type, so if you’re looking for complete sound isolation then look elsewhere.

The set has a short (1.0 m) 3.5mm cord for use with portable MP3 players. SteelSeries provides an additional 1.8 m cord for use with your existing sound card, which includes a unidirectional microphone with an on off switch and separate volume control (pictured). Also included in the box is a 3.5mm – 6.3mm adapter for your stereo and a microphone mount for your PC. It is available in both white and black.

Sound quality is good; bass is not overbearing, treble response is crisp – maybe too crisp. The volume on this set can get loud with little distortion! Overall a good full size gaming set you can take with you.