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  • Citizen Review: Agent 18 iPhone Case by dwalk51

    Our favorite commenter, dwalk51, won an Agent 18 iPhone case in August. He filmed himself opening it in two separate videos and I think this kid is honestly the next Doug Aamoth. He’s got all the video chops – the ability to use scissors on camera, a bowl haircut, and a fascinating decorating style especially considering he’s about 18. Love the piano, dwalk! Read More

  • Citizen Review: Steel Series Ikari Laser Mouse

    KG writes his Citizen Review of the Steel Series Ikari Laser Mouse, making us very proud and happy. Well it’s been about a month now since I received the SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse from the guys at CrunchGear. Between work, night classes for a masters degree, and various other things life has thrown at me I really hadn’t had much time to give the Ikari a thorough look until a… Read More

  • Citizen Review: SteelSeries SIBERIA Full-Size Headset

    Today, reader PG reviews the SteelSeries SIBERIA Full-Size headset. Want to be a citizen reviewer? Post a review of one of your current gadgets on BFF and we may just send you something nice. The Siberia set was designed for both gaming and MP3 players. First thing you’ll notice is the clean high-quality open design. The headset is built using a minimal amount of materials supporting… Read More

  • Jaybird citizen review

    I sent the Jaybird stereo bluetooth headset out to Dr. Adam Keith of Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy to test in his daily 10 mile run. He reports: If my IPod could speak, it would be screaming “Hallelujah” ever since I plugged in my Jaybird wireless earphones.  You see, my iPod has taken a beating this winter on the treadmill from my arms inadvertently hitting the earphone wires sending… Read More