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  • Review: At $9.94, Radica Golden Tee Golf is a pretty solid last-minute gift

    Last week I mentioned this Golden Tee Golf CrunchDeal and said that I’d even buy it for myself. Well you may have thought, “That Doug, he’s all talk — sitting up in his mansion atop a pile of free gadgets, he’d never stoop low enough to buy a plug-and-play TV game for ten bucks.” I’ll have you know that I did indeed purchase the game and I’m happy… Read More

  • Review: Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset

    This is the Official PS3 Bluetooth headset that was released with SOCOM: Confrontation earlier this fall. It is made specifically for the PS3 but also works on any other Bluetooth device. Voice quality is great and battery life, build quality and ease of use are good, making this a formidable headset. Click on for the entire review. Read More

  • Review: Nyko Charge Base 360

    What’s worse than having your Xbox 360 controller die during the middle of a game? Not being able to find replacement batteries, of course. Rechargeable batteries are a viable option, but those don’t seem to last as long as we’d like, right? They can be spendy as well. Read More

  • Review: Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable, Viewsonic VX2240w LCD monitor

    I know, I know. The VGA HD AV cable has been out for three years, but I was in between TVs and only had a monitor to game on. I’ll keep this review short and sweet. Read More

  • Buying Guide: Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour?

    Short Version: As music games go, both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour are impressive, fun, and either would make a great addition to any gamer’s lineup. But which one is best for you? Read More

  • Review: Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360)

    Quick Version: Whether you’re new to the Call of Duty series of first-person shooters or you’ve played some or all of the past versions, you’ll likely find World at War to be a compelling and powerful addition to your library of games. Read More

  • BFF Review: Gears of War 2

    Cheezespread writes: It’s natural that any sequel would succumb to the highest sort of pressure when the original is claimed as a “console-seller”. Gears of War 2 was one game which most of the gaming fraternity waited for due to the unimaginable success of the GOW-original all around.
    As it was announced “ it would be Bigger , Better and Badass “ . Well… Read More

  • Review: Quantum of Solace (Xbox 360)

    Quick Version: Quantum of Solace offers a relatively entertaining single-player experience, but the true power of the game lies in the multiplayer modes. If you were a fan of multiplayer GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64, you’ll have a blast with this one too. Read More

  • Review: Gears of War 2

    BODIES AS SHIELDS!!! This won’t be a complete review because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. Like you, I’ve been waiting since I completed the first Gears of War, so instead, I’ll tell you what’s different. Cool? But I can tell you that it’s everything I could have ever hoped and dreamed for. The reviews that came out earlier this week were… Read More

  • Review and Contest: Penguin United 4X Quad Charge Station for Wii

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to the store and bought a pack of AA batteries. I have a few packs of rechargeable Energizer batteries that I use for my DSLR or other random gadgets that don’t charge over USB. However, three of my four Wiimotes are left in the cold because I don’t have enough rechargeable batteries to go around and often times I’m… Read More

  • Review: Sony PSP-3000

    I have before me the Limited Edition Ratchet & Clank PSP Entertainment Pack. And with said pack comes a silver PSP-3000, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo and a voucher for echochrome. Many have wondered if it’s worth the upgrade or if it’s in any way distinguishable from the previous generation. It is and it… Read More

  • Review: Dead Space for Xbox 360

    My first hands-on with this action/horror shooter from EA Redwood Shores was at E3 where Devin and I were both dumbfounded by what we saw. I couldn’t stop talking about it for hours and Devin eventually told me to STFU. It was dark, gruesome and I had to have it, which is why I attempted to ‘accidentally’ walk away with a build during E3. The graphics and gameplay alone had… Read More

  • Review: Adrenaline Pool Online for iPhone/iPod Touch

    Looking for a good time-waster? Check out Adrenaline Pool Online for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s just $4.99, easy to pick up, and features online play. You can play four different games: 8-ball, 9-ball, Straight, and Snooker. Read More

  • Review: NBA 2K9 for Xbox 360

    Another year and another round of sports franchise games for consoles and PC. What is so compelling about these games that makes me want to purchase this year’s when nothing has really changed from 2006. Ok, maybe that’s being a bit sensationalistic, but I think you know what I mean. It’s sort of like Doug’s review of Tiger Woods for the Wii. What’s going to make… Read More

  • Review: Fracture for Xbox 360 [UPDATE]

    This is the big thing in Lucas Arts’ Fracture and how it differentiates itself from traditional shooters. You’re constantly running around raising and lowering the terrain to kill your enemies, getting to places you can’t reach, and providing protection for yourself. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and it sort of works. Update – Multiplayer will be… Read More

  • Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the iPhone

    I’ve had a good two weeks or so with the iPhone version of the next chapter in the Star Wars saga and not much has changed from the demo version we saw at E3. You remember that don’t you? What we didn’t know about back then was the number of levels and the amount of skills that can be acquired throughout the game. You may want to stop reading in case you don’t want… Read More

  • Review: Lian-Li PC-XB01 XBox 360 Case – UPDATED

    [svgallery name=”xboxcase”] Playing video games is hard enough without your console frying every few hours. I get headshot, teabagged, ROLFed, and laughed out of XBox Live with reckless abandon and, in a way, I’m sick of it. That’s why I’m glad I can now be a little bit different and, hopefully, keep the red ring of death from attacking thanks to the Lian-Li… Read More

  • Review: NZXT Avatar gaming mouse

    [ It’s that time again, kiddies. Today we take a look at NZXT’s first foray into mouse country. Are they naturals? Find out above in video form or below in plain text and pictures. Read More

  • Review: Razer Salmosa gaming mouse

    [ Mouse week’s first object of review. This is Razer’s lowest-cost mouse, with the fewest buttons and features. Find out whether it’s worth the forty bucks by clicking above for the video review or clicking below for the plain ol’ text review. Read More

  • Citizen Review: SteelSeries SIBERIA Full-Size Headset

    Today, reader PG reviews the SteelSeries SIBERIA Full-Size headset. Want to be a citizen reviewer? Post a review of one of your current gadgets on BFF and we may just send you something nice. The Siberia set was designed for both gaming and MP3 players. First thing you’ll notice is the clean high-quality open design. The headset is built using a minimal amount of materials supporting… Read More