Asus makes bizarro Wiimote for PC use: the Eee Stick

Asus never stops surprising me. If it’s not an excellent silent video card it’s a tiny laptop, and if it’s not a tiny laptop it’s a freaky bizarro world version of a Wiimote. I’m going to see if I can get my hands on one of these crazy things just to see if it works as well as Nintendo’s; being that Asus probably only started R&D a year ago, I’m guessing it’s adequate but not excellent. Probably better than the Wü, I’m guessing.

It’s packed full of accelerometers and comes in D-pad and analog stick versions, but it looks like both are Nunchuck clones more than anything; they have no optical positioning beacon or anything like that so it’s strictly motion detection. I can’t believe they’ve called it the Eee Stick, though. Sounds like candy. Why not the Eeemote?