Asus confirms: "killer" product coming in early June

<img src="" /><a href="">We noted a few week

Is Asus killing off the Eee Stick?

<img src="">The <a href="">Asus Eee Sti

Woot! New 8.9-inch Eee for $150

<img src="" alt="Eee" /> is selling new 8.9-inch Eee netbooks for $150, today o

EeeBox PC gets Ion power, can handle 1080p video

<img src="" alt="Eee" />ASUS' NVIDIA Ion-powered EeeBox PC has gotten sort of official. It's on ASUS' website now, at least, al

CrunchDeals: Eee PC 900 w/ 20GB SSD for $189

<img src=""> has a decent deal on the Eee PC 900 today. This model sports the slightly more expensive 20GB SSD o

Actually useful LED lights installed on Eee

<img src="">Do you know the one thing that I absolutely love about my BlackBerry? The little LED indicator light. That single light infor

Asus keyboard computer delayed until August

<img src="" alt="eee" />Our own beardy Devin Coldewey had quite a tech boner for the Asus Eee Keyboard back at CES. At that

CrunchDeals: Asus Eee 900 for $170

<img src="" alt="eee" /> is selling the Asus Eee PC 900 for just $170 with free shipping. That's for a new unit, too, not a refurbishe

ASUS officially confirms Eee with DVD drive

<img src="">Make way for the Eee PC 1004DN, ASUS’ first netbook with a built-in optical drive. Rumors swirled last week, but ASUS m

Asus merging EEE PC and netbook divisions: Who's next?

<img src=""> First, the <a HREF="">"news"</a>: Digitimes is reporting that

Video of the super thin ASUS 1008HA netbook

<img src="">Not content to watch MSI steal all the thunder with the X-Slim series, ASUS has lobbed a snowball back with the Eee 1008HA – nicknamed “Se

Video demo: Eee PC Touch UI

<img src=""><a href="">Asus</a> has loaded its <a href="">netboo

Exclusive hands-on with Asus' prototype Eee Keyboard

<img src=""> <em>Apparently</em>, if you ask nicely, Asus will show you their deepest and darkest secrets. The Eee Keyboard, or Ke

Asus HD-ifies its Eee Boxes with Radeons

Asus announced on Tuesday that they are releasing two new versions of their Eee Box, with some new features. The new versions have a high definition hardware decoder (a Radeon 3400), HDMI out and a re

ASUS Eee Top PC's dropping in both 20- and 22-inch sizes too

ASUS has plans to make its Eee Top PCs a big thing with yet more screen sizes. So far the company has announced a 15.6-inch version of the touchscreen PC, but now the company prez is stating that larg

HP breaks the netbook mold with the Mini 1000 and MIE Linux netbook

Netbooks have been slowing down over the last year and for the most part, each one is about the same thing with a different logo on the lid. HP’s offerings seem refreshing and polished even thou

iPods, Asus EEE PCs coming to Toys 'R' Us

Sometime in the coming weeks Toys ‘R’ Us is going to start selling iPods and, more notably, Asus EEE PC’s as the retailer is grasping for higher holiday sales. The iPods are going t

Russian man turns Eee into car PC

There’s an idea – rip apart your Asus Eee PC, sprinkle some modifications here and there, and embed it into your car’s dashboard. That’s just what a guy in Russia did. It appears to be a bit m

CrunchDeals: Asus Eee Box PC for $290.99

If you like the idea of netbooks in theory but get unnecessarily agitated at the thought of having all that pesky "portability," then maybe you’d be a good candidate for the small form

Asus bites the bullet, orders reeecall of infected Eee Boxen

Remember those unfortunate Eee Boxes we mentioned last week that were shipped with an active virus on the hard drive? Well, Asus is being a big boy about it and has ordered a recall. That restores som
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