The iPhonc Looks Good, Until You See The Front

<img src="" />The latest knock-off from China is the iPhonc - a curved back mobile phone that looks good up to a point. Details are

Despite appearances, the PinPhone is not an iPhone

<img src="" />Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yadda yadda yadda. Here we have the latest -- and perhaps greatest --

Pardon my Engrish: RicT-007 AVRA

<img src="" />Here's a perfect companion to your Lolex watch and Mike shoe collection: the RicT-007 AVRA. It is basically a craptacular Mot

Asus makes bizarro Wiimote for PC use: the Eee Stick

Asus never stops surprising me. If it’s not an excellent silent video card it’s a tiny laptop, and if it’s not a tiny laptop it’s a freaky bizarro world version of a Wiimote. I

How Not to Get Ripped Off on Craigslist, eBay

On the weekends, I have a hobby of fixing broken iPods. Usually they just need a little reset love or some hard disk repairs and they’re good as new. One place I find these busted iPods is Craig

The Microsoft Zune Has a Chinese Knockoff Already

Oriphe Industrial Limited apparently saw the leaked Microsoft Zune photos a few months back and quickly went to work. And by work, we mean stealing Microsoft’s design. Their MP4 music player loo