iPhone finally arrives in Ireland next month

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As largely expected, the Apple iPhone will arrive in Ireland courtesy of UK-based carrier O2, which has the exclusive contract – from March 14th costing €399 (8GB) and €499 (16GB). Tariffs will range from a €45 to a €100 monthly charge. And it now looks like March 6th will be when Apple unveils the Software Development Kit for the device, which will allow outside developers to write native applications for the handset.

It will be interesting to see what Irish mobile startups make of development for the platform. Personally I am starting to think that any soical network worth its salt should really concentrate on iPhone development because the browser is so good and the kind of demographic that buys the iPhone is often interested in mobile apps.

  • http://handelaar.org John Handelaar

    Unfortunately the Irish one is a shit sandwich. No matter how much you pay on your tariff you’re capped at 1Gb/month of data.

    Expect much failure.

  • Thomas Mulcahy

    No visual voicemail for Ireland,
    And the tariffs..

    35.00 GBP = 45.81 EUR

    o2 – UK
    £35 – 600mins – 500texts

    o2 – Ireland
    €45 – 175mins – 100texts

  • http://www.fleischhauer-unternehmensgruppe.de Buero

    The tariffs seems to be normal expensive for the iPhone. In Germany your supposed to pay more money a month and there is only one company which is allowed to make a tariff.

    Best regards,

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