Best Buy Midnight Launch Locations For Halo 3?

Truth be told, I’m terrible at FPS games. I’m either camping or unloading a clip in the general direction of the opponent. Maybe it’s because I spent more time studying and/or chasing tail in college than getting stoned and playing Halo, Unreal Tournament or Counter Strike like my friends, but Halo 3 makes me want to invest a few good hours every day so I can at least compete with the 12-year olds. The game looks that friggin’ amazing.

While Nicholas and I were at the Madden ‘08 launch a MS higher up told us that they had 170 trucks full of copies while Madden ‘08 only warranted nine trucks. I haven’t pre-ordered my copy, which was a dumb move on my part, but I have hopes of getting a copy on launch day or very soon after. If you’re in the same boat as me and you’re not doing anything the night of September 24th then head on over to one of these Best Buy locations for some midnight launch festivities. I am a bit wary of this list because New York is listed as “New Yark”, but it could have just been a typo.


Halo 3 Best Buy Midnight Launch Locations [Kotaku]