Fifty Oomas For Readers, Just Tell Us Why You Want It

You read the story and you heard the podcast. Now you can try out Ooma yourself, way before they go on sale to the public in September.

We have fifty to give away. This isn’t like most account giveaways – each of these packages will be sold for $399 retail in September and gives you free VOIP phone service on your normal phones for life (the life of you or the company, whichever ends first). You get it for free, and you get it right now.

Here’s another cool thing about these – each one includes three free “white rabbit” tokens that you can give away to others so they can try out Ooma, too. They have a limited number of these, but they’ll continue to give three to everyone until they start to run out.

Here’s what you have to do. Just write a short comment below telling us why you want it. Or tell us about your favorite Ashton Kutcher movie or tv show (since he’s the Creative Director of the company). Or both. You don’t have to be truthful or nice, but you do have to be creative and entertaining. All you have to do is be one of the fifty most entertaining comments and you’re in. You have until end of day California time on Friday to write. Make sure you use your real email address in the comment or we won’t know how to contact you.

Ooma will only ship these in the U.S. for now, so you must be living here. And there’s one more rule – We’ll be adding Ooma to InviteShare later tonight and allowing people to sign up to get one. If you are selected you have to agree to give at least one of the systems to the person on the top of the InviteShare list. That way we can possibly get some more of these to TechCrunch readers.

Update: Ok Ooma is now up on InviteShare, so feel free to add your name to the list of people who want an invite. The list order is determined based on the time you enter your name as well as how many invitations to other services you give out, so move up the list by participating. If you are one of the fifty people who get a direct invite from this post, please remove your name from the list – and remember to give at least one of the invitations you receive to someone on the list.