Nokia N75 Lands at AT&T

Today is a great day for America. Not because it’s Friday, but that’s still a legitimate reason. Today marks the first day that the US has a 3G handset from Nokia and it’s about darn time. The Nokia N75 has shown up on the AT&T website and, maybe, now folks will be able to utilize that highly touted 3G network.

The N75 is being marketed as a convergence device that will eliminate your PMP and camera, but I doubt most people are willing to give up those gadgets for a 3G phone. Regardless, here’s a run down of features for the lil guy. A 2-megapixel camera with 10x zoom and video are slapped onto the rig. Users can access high speed data over UMTS…awesome. The integrated video recorder has 8x zoom, which kicks mucho butt. Dual speakers make for some killer 3D surround sound. You have the standard suite of IM, which include AIM, Yahoo and MSN. An HTML browser is included so you can really test out the speed. With a 2-year contract and a mail-in rebate this 3G handset can be yours for only $199.99.

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