Extratasty – Have A Drink

Extratasty is a frivolous site, but it’s also useful if you are looking for a good drink recipe.

Users submit drink recipes. Ingredients are tagged and searchable. Drink recipes are ratable. There is an option to include all of the things you have in your bar, and the site will tell you what drinks are possible in different combinations.

This is definitely a work in progress. Search seems only to work for ingredients, not actual drink names. Ajaxian noted that there is a lot of room to include ajax on the site. I agree. And they are still building out the friends section. But it is a fun site and, I suppose, could generate enough page views to build up a minimal amount of advertising revenue.

So sit back, mix yourself a drink, and read about some other sinful websites I’ve written about today. I’m going to check out some other new stuff that may have a larger business impact on the web.