Hear how to build a sales team at Disrupt SF 2020

We live in a time when old playbooks about how to build a company are suddenly out the window. Some VCs are questioning whether it’s even worth having a true sales team for early stage startups when there is nobody to sell to right now.

But eventually you will need to have people in place to help sell what you’re building, and you’re going to have to think about what selling in this new reality is going to look like. Will you still be able to pitch face-to-face in the near or medium term, and if you can’t how will you change your sales motion to reflect this?

It’s a confusing time, and we are bringing together some top experts to help you understand how to navigate this ever-changing landscape and build a sales team that can help you continue to grow as we wait for the market to return to some semblance of normalcy.

At Disrupt SF (Sept 14-16), Brian Ascher, Jill Rowley and Peter Kanzanjy will discuss all this and more.

Brian Ascher is a partner at Venrock’s Palo Alto office. He joined the company back in 1998 and has been helping enterprise startups build successful organizations for more than 20 years.

Jill Rowley is an author and advisor to companies with a speciality in social selling. She has more than 20 years experience and counts among her experience being one of the first 100 employees at Salesforce.

Pete Kazanjy has founded two successful startups. His first, Talentbin was acquired by Monster in 2014. His current venture, Atrium, is a sales performance tool to help companies build a successful sales motion.

The goal of this panel is to help you understand what it’s going to take to build a successful sales department in the middle of a pandemic with tons of economic uncertainty and beyond. Everyone could use some solid advice right now, and these three experienced pros can provide it.

Disrupt SF 2020 runs September 14 to September 16 at the Moscone Center right in the heart of San Francisco. For folks who can’t make it in person, we have several Digital Pass options to be part of the action or to exhibit virtually, which you can check out here.

We’ll be announcing more speakers over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

(Editor’s Note: We’re watching the developing situation around the novel coronavirus very closely and will adapt as we go. You can find out the latest on our event schedule plans here.)