Sharp goes clamshell with its folding phone concept

The beauty of the foldable in 2019 is that there’s no consensus yet on the “right” way to do things. We’ve seen a number of different takes on the space as the year has progressed, and no two are exactly the same.

Keep in mind that this device from Sharp is still very much a concept. And even if it does come to market, it’s still going to be tough to get your hands on the product here in the States, as Sharp has a virtually non-existent mobile footprint. Still, it’s nice to see someone going full clamshell.

So far, the Motorola RAZR patent and one of several TCL concepts are the closest we’ve seen. Ultimately the form factor is less about maximizing screen space than it is minimizing pocket real estate, with the unfolded prototype measuring a not-crazy 6.18 inches. There’s also a nice bit of nostalgia baked in for those of us who remember the days before every phone was a smart one.

Sharp certainly knows how to make a display, and while I don’t expect any phone from the company to set the world on fire, there’s probably something in the return of the clamshell, after all.