ZTE’s new foldable smartphone is actually going on sale next month

The foldable smartphone has been strange sort of white whale for the mobile industry. You could fill a Raiders of the Lost Ark-sized warehouse will all of the attempts to bring the technology to the m

Sharp develops efficient solar cells for use in outer space

<img src="" /> Earlier this year, we <a href="

'Readius' foldable screen thing is real and it's coming

From concept to actual product, the Readius is coming in “mid-2008” (though not solely as an e-book reader). It will use the same electronic ink technology as Amazon’s Kindle reader

Want to Buy the Slinky Chair?

Remember the Slinky Chair? It was featured on the Feb. 8th episode of Diggnation, where Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht repeatedly mentioned the hot Japanese girl in the video. Actually, the girl is prob

Make Your Own iPhone

I was browsing TechCrunch earlier and I ran across this printout iPhone, sure to be the hot item this side of June. And given the price of the iPhone it might be as close as many of us get to Apple&#8