HBO’s Silicon Valley gets the VR treatment for Season 5

For a long time, we’ve heard that VR is three to five years from becoming mainstream. While that premise remains questionable, HBO’s Silicon Valley is celebrating its fifth season with the launch of a VR experience called Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel.

The experience will be available on the HTC Vive, and will offer users more than 700 interactive experiences, from playing foosball to taking bong rips.

The Silicon Valley VR experience takes place inside the same house where the cast has lived and worked to build a successful company for the past five years, and it all looks eerily similar to the set we’ve seen on the show, from the sloppy kitchen to the bunkbeds in the bedroom.

But it’s not just a bunch of wandering around. Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel also includes challenges from Dinesh and Gilfoyle, as well as the opportunity to help Richard with a coding conundrum. And no Silicon Valley experience is complete without Jared, who will have a secret message that users need to track down.

The attention to detail is comes down to the fact that Rewind, the developers of the experience, took 360-degree video of the show’s real set, and worked with set blueprints, according to Fast Company.