Sony’s PS VR2 is getting compatibility, possibly by end of year

PlayStation VR often gets overlooked in conversations about mixed reality. These days, it seems all anyone wants to talk about is Apple Vision Pro versus Meta Quest. But Sony has been an enduring pres

VR sickness happens. Here’s how to avoid and treat it.

Over the past week, a number of people have reported returning their Vision Pros for a number of reasons, including issues around headset comfort and sickness. Returns are par for the course with any

Immersive gaming and fitness apps are the key to Vision Pro’s consumer appeal

The foundational vocabulary of any new medium is inherited from that of its predecessor. Take, for instance, the early days of television, when so many shows were effectively radio programs caught on

Apple Vision Pro review: The infinite desktop

In 2000, Paradox Press published “Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form.” The book was Scott McCloud’s follow-up to his seminal 1993 work, &#

Apple Vision Pro: Here are the first apps you should download

Apple releases its ambitious Vision Pro headset to consumers today, February 2. There are over 600 apps and games currently available on the visionOS store, with more to come. Although Netflix and Yo

Apple Vision Pro: How to buy or test out the $3,500 headset

The much-hyped Apple Vision Pro headset has begun arriving for those who preordered it, or is available for a test drive for those wanting to give it an in-person demo. Billed as the future of spatial

Apple Vision Pro: Day Two

Last night, I fell asleep under the stars, the chirp of crickets intermingling with the old radiator’s whistle off in the distance. I just finished an episode of Justified: City Primeval on the big

Meta Quest adds support for Apple’s Spatial Video ahead of Vision Pro launch

Apple’s brand-new Vision Pro headset has lost one of its competitive advantages over rivals, as Meta announced today that it, too, will add support for spatial video playback on its more afforda

Apple Vision Pro’s secret weapon? Mindfulness

More than anything, Apple’s Vision Pro is a beginning. There are moments while using it that feel like a porthole into a different world and — just maybe — the future. It’s imperfect,

Soon you’ll be able to play Dungeons & Dragons in VR . . . if you want

Wizards of the Coast and Resolution Games have announced their collaboration to bring Dungeons & Dragons to virtual reality. The decades-old tabletop role-playing game has become increasingly popu

Disney offers an elegant solution to VR’s movement problem

Remember the Virtuix Omni? I’ll never forget trying out an early version of the virtual reality treadmill in a hotel suite many E3s ago. The system, which features a concave platform and slippery sh

Only 150+ apps have been designed specifically for Apple’s Vision Pro, so far

It’s not just Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube that don’t have apps for Apple’s Vision Pro at launch. New App Store data indicates the new mixed reality headset and Apple’s foray

I spent the morning with the Apple Vision Pro

Update: The Vision Pro is now available for preorder on Apple’s site for $3,500. Apple has also offered a better look with a 10-minute “guided tour” of the device. It’s set to

Will Apple’s Vision Pro launch be a Groundhog Day for immersive computing?

Apple’s Vision Pro headset is set to finally launch in the U.S. on February 2, at a retail price of $3,499. At that price, there’s no doubt it’ll have limited appeal, which seems jus

Qualcomm next-gen XR chip promises up to 4.3K resolution per eye

Just ahead of CES, Qualcomm today announced the next generation of its Snapdragon XR platform, the aptly named XR2+ Gen 2. The new system-on-a-chip promises up to a 4.3K resolution per eye at 90 frame

The first annual VTuber Awards was a win for VR

On stream, Filian took the stage at the center of a colossal arena, lit with violet spotlights and surrounded by crowds of fans holding lightsticks. The streamer opened the show dressed in a vivid pur

Cruise ceases robotaxi operations, the Apple Watch gets a new feature and Carta tries to head off bad press

Hello, ghouls and goblins, and welcome to this Halloween Weekend edition of Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s weekly tech recap in newsletter form. For our U.S.-based readers (and this reporter

I did my expenses in VR and I liked it

Meta’s Quest 3 has now been available for over a week, and the reviews have largely praised the updated consumer mixed reality headset. In my own first impressions, I shared how it managed to co

Mojo Vision’s Series A hits $43.5M, following pivot to micro-LED displays

Back in April, Mojo Vision announced a new $22.4 million Series A. Six months later, the round has nearly doubled to $43.5 million, courtesy of New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Khosla Ventures, who

Meta Quest 3 takes a step closer to mainstream AR/VR

However this all plays out, 2023 will almost certainly be regarded as a pivotal year for AR and VR. After years of waiting for the category to have its iPhone moment, Apple finally unveiled the Vision
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