Facebook opens its social VR Spaces platform to HTC Vive

As Facebook looks to keep its VR dream moving, the company is opening its nascent social VR platform to run on headsets that the company doesn’t build.

Today, a VR exec at the company announced that Facebook Spaces would be gaining support to run on the competing HTC Vive headset. The move opens up the platform to a wider audience inside what is still a very tight niche of users. Users on both the Oculus and HTC headsets will be able to meet up in the cross-platform app, where they can chat, watch videos, draw, play games and go on virtual trips.

Facebook has made hefty investments into virtual reality under the Oculus brand, but Spaces is one of the few high-end virtual reality plays that bears Facebook’s name. Announced at F8 this past year, the app is still in beta, but open to anyone with an Oculus Rift headset or now the HTC Vive.

Facebook Spaces is still lacking support for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. Sony announced recently that they’ve moved more than 2 million headsets in just over a year.