Snap joins the great burger debate with launch of dancing burger AR lens

Just when you thought great burger debate had abated, Snapchat has arrived to pour more lighter fluid on the grill.

This week, Snap unveiled a cheeseburger AR filter, and it has the same devil-may-care attitude as its famous sibling, the dancing hotdog.

Lettuce catch you up on the drama. On Saturday, author Thomas Baekdal had emoji lovers everywhere scratching their heads when he noticed that neither Apple nor Google seems to know how to assemble a good cheeseburger.

Twitter users battled it out over the weekend and into early this week, with one user noting that Microsoft seemed to be the only one to get it right:

It’s fair to say that the entire conversation got way out of hand. Even Google’s CEO tweeted that he would drop everything to resolve the situation if people could land on an agreed order for burger toppings:

Now, Snap wants to get in on the conversation with the launch of the dancing AR burger.

But a few questions still remain. For one, Snap’s burger comes with two patties and is assembled in the following order (from top to bottom): Bun, lettuce, burger patty, tomatoes, cheese, burger patty, bun. What’s that about? Secondly, it may be that Snap is trolling everyone else for the fun of it? Unclear.

Snap confirmed to Mashable that the Burger AR lens launched this week, but didn’t confirm whether it was already slated to arrive or was part of an effort to ketchup with the competition. We asked Snap and we’ll update you when we hear back.