Here are the features coming to iOS 16.4

Apple released the first developer beta of iOS 16.4 on Thursday and while this update is designed for a small base of users, the iPhone-maker has given us a glimpse of the features to expect when the

Latest Apple OS betas deliver Face ID with a mask and Universal Control

Apple just dropped a bunch of new OS betas, bringing a pair of long-awaited features. IOS Beta 15.4 delivers the ability to unlock your phone with Face ID while wearing a mask (really upper-Face ID, i

Apple to release new emojis with iOS 14.2

While the current version of iOS is iOS 14.0.1, Apple is already testing iOS 14.2. The company released an early beta version of the update yesterday, and it includes a new set of emojis, as Emojipedi

iOS and Android are about to get a bunch of new emoji

Tomorrow is World Emoji Day. Why is there a World Emoji Day? No idea! But it’s tomorrow! To recognize the day, Apple and Google have both shed some light on their plans regarding new emoji comin

iOS 12.1 will come with new emojis

Apple is about to release the public beta version of iOS 12.1. And before everybody freaks out, the company announced that this update will feature new emojis — best feature update ever. In other wo

Get ready for a bunch of new emojis (yes, including a partying face)

The world needs more emojis. Ever since emojis became a cultural phenomenon, tech companies have been working together to add new smileys, animals and objects. And the Unicode consortium just publishe

WHEW, Google fixed the burger emoji in Android 8.1

Apparently, Google made good on its promise to fix its awful hamburger emoji, in the wake of an online debacle last month. In case you missed it, when a tweet about the problem with the emoji went vir

Snap joins the great burger debate with launch of dancing burger AR lens

Just when you thought great burger debate had abated, Snapchat has arrived to pour more lighter fluid on the grill. This week, Snap unveiled a cheeseburger AR filter, and it has the same devil-may-car

Crunch Report | Amazon Buys Souq

Amazon buys Souq, the "Amazon of the Middle East," Apple acquires Workflow, Instagram blurs sensitive photos and adds two-factor authorization while Facebook rolls out mention alerts and reaction emoj

Beek is the emoji-based book review site aiming to change e-commerce in Latin America

Leveraging post-literate tools like YouTube and emojis to create a website and mobile app that allows people to review the books they're reading while they're reading them, Beek is a startup that embr

Gadget Story Time with Spectacles

Spectacles by Snap are a lot of fun! Join us as we put them through their paces, try them out, talk to people on the street and just have a really great day. I would tell you more, but I don't want to

Happy birthday Iris Apfel, and thanks for making our messages mod

Nonagenarian cover girl, designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel turned 95 yesterday, and spent part of her birthday sharing with TechCrunch her thoughts about creativity and technology. If you think yo

Female coder and runner emojis are coming soon

Thanks to Google, the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee has agreed to add 11 new emoji that represent professions for men and women across all races. Back in May, Google proposed a new set of emojis to the

The tipping point for rebellion

We are all getting lazy and spoiled. We’re not choosing simple over better, but easy over passably good. We’re self-sabotaging ourselves because effort is a price too great for anything.

Facebook Messenger finally adds diverse emojis!

Facebook has started rolling out a more diverse set of emojis to its Messenger service on the web, iOS and Android. Facebook Messenger has always allowed you to use the diverse emoji offered via your

Miss D is a dictionary app for the linguistically curious

If you're seriously attempting to learn another language then at least one dictionary app will be a staple on your smartphone homescreen. And familiarity with its UX foibles will have long ago set you

Are You Happy Now? Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The Year Is A Damn Emoji

I was raised to trust everything the dictionary told me, but damn. What is going on with the world? Today, Oxford Dictionaries named its 2015 "Word Of The Year" and it's not a word at all. It's the

What In The Hell Is A #TacoEmojiEngine?

Tacos. Emojis. Tacos + Emojis. That’s what Taco Bell rolled out to Twitter yesterday. They called it the “#TacoEmojiEngine.” 🌮🌮 What's #TacoEmojiEngine? Tweet us a 🌮 + a

Microsoft Has A Brand New Middle Finger With Your Name On It

Today, Windows 10 met the world with much fanfare. There is a ton of new features, apps and more articles about it than you can shake a stick at. As a heavy Apple user, I can't tell you most of wha

Open Source Platform Emojidex Offers “Emojis-As-A-Service”

Like them or not, emojis are turning into the mobile era’s lingua franca. Now a project called emojidex is offering “emojis-as-a-service,” with a platform that lets developers share new emojis w
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