• Snapchat is reportedly looking to raise as much as $4B in its upcoming IPO

    Snapchat is reportedly looking to raise as much as $4B in its upcoming IPO

    In May earlier this year, Snapchat raised around $1.8 billion in a financing round that valued it at around $18 billion — and now it looks like that valuation could double in its upcoming IPO. Bloomberg is reporting that Snapchat is looking to raise as much as $4 billion in its initial public offering that could value it as high as $35 billion. Previously, the company was reportedly… Read More

  • Snap Is A Stabilized 4K Drone That’s Fully Portable

    Snap takes a different crack at the consumer drone equation. Rather than creating a heavy giant like the latest DJI Phantom or some crappy toy that you’d buy off QVC, Vantage Robotics has chosen to create a drone that packs high quality recording equipment in a lightweight ultra-compact body. The app-enabled Snap allows users to perform a number of automated camera movements that let… Read More

  • After Quietly Acquiring SnapSaves, Groupon Launches Snap, Paying You To Shop

    After Quietly Acquiring SnapSaves, Groupon Launches Snap, Paying You To Shop

    Groupon continues apace with its plans to evolve from an online daily deals giant into a wider e-commerce player, with an emphasis on mobile and local purchases. Today the company is launching a new app called Snap — which provides iOS and Android users with a set list of products, and gives you money back when you purchase them, by way of a photographed and uploaded receipt. Snap… Read More

  • Not A Misprint: AOL's Platform A Is The Top Advertising Network By Reach

    New figures released by comScore show that AOL’s Platform A advertising network is the top advertising network in the United States by reach (unique visitors). According to the figures, Platform A reaches 90.7% of all American internet users, ahead of Yahoo on 85.3% and Google on 80.9%. AOL’s figures include ads served from Erick covered rumors of an AOL… Read More

  • Snap HotShots Tries to Show the Linkgeist of the Web

    Every day, Snap collects 15 million links from bloggers and others across the Web that use Snap Shots on their sites. We use Snap Shots on TechCrunch. Hover your mouse over any link, and a preview of that Website will appear in a small new window without leaving the site you are on. If the link is to a video, photo, MP3, map, stock chart, Amazon product, Wikipedia entry, movie profile… Read More

  • An Alexaholic Moment: Visual Search Engine ManagedQ Gets Snapped

    This morning brings another cautionary tale for anyone trying to build a Website or a business using data from another site. Visual search engine ManagedQ is broken right now because it took images of Websites from another visual search engine, Snap, without permission. (See screenshot above). Sound familiar? Alexaholic (now Statsaholic) ran into similar trouble with Amazon a year ago… Read More

  • Snap To Launch Snap Shots Ad Network will launch the Snap Shots Ad Network Monday at Ad:Tech, a new program that allows advertisers and ad networks to deliver context-based ads to Snap Shots users. Snap Shots, for those not familiar with the service, are the little site preview windows that pop up on websites with the service enabled, mouse over the image at the end of this link to for a demo. Under the new… Read More

  • Snap Image Search

    Search engine Snap launched an image search feature today. The results are no better than that offered by the big guys, but Snap’s unique two column interface is something that some users find to be really cool. The problem with the lack of available photo meta data to assist with queries continues to plague all search engines, of course, leading to less than great results. It will… Read More

  • We're Giving It a Try

    to create little thumbnails of the sites they’re linking to. We’ve decided to follow suit. Now, when you roll over an external link you’ll get a little Snap preview which will allow you to decide, at a moment’s notice, whether to leave the site for greener pastures or to keep clicking like a madman through CG stories. What say ye? Yay or nay? A poll post-jump. Read More

  • Add Snap Previews to Any Site For Free

    One thing people really like about the Snap search engine is that it gives a large preview screen of every search result. The idea is that users can save time by seeing the site before they click to it. That can be an advantage when wading through increasingly sophisticated SEO and spoof sites that aren’t relevant to your search. Snap has 300 million stored site images, updated… Read More