Duolingo launches support for Korean

The popular language learning service Duolingo today announced that has launched support for Korean to its iOS and Android apps. This marks the company’s second foray into teaching an Asian language after it launched its Japanese course earlier this year.

“Asian languages are the most requested new courses from Duolingo users and fans,” Duolingo software engineer and research scientist Masato Hagiwara, who was deeply involved in launching this course, told us. “There is huge demand among our users in the West to learn Asian languages, with an emphasis on Japanese, Chinese and¬†Korean. So adding these languages represents a big growth opportunity for Duolingo in our core English speaking markets.” He also noted that Japanese quickly became the fourth most popular language on the platform.

While it took the Duolingo team a while to launch support for Asian languages, now that it has the right infrastructure in place, adding support for new languages has become significantly¬†easier and we’ll probably see the company launch similar courses in the near future.

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