MST3K Raises $5.76 Million To Help Bring Joel And His Robot Friends To The Screen

If you spent a lot of time eating jars of tamales and reading Stephen King novels as a kid like I did, you’ll know that Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was the best thing ever (aside from Siskel & Ebert’s movie review show). When it died, a lot of nerds were sad.

Well send a time flare back to your previous self because MST3K raised almost $6 million to bring back a full season of the show complete with holiday special! Their Kickstarter started in November and just finished. Joel Hodgson originally asked for $600,000 to complete a single episode but they rocketed past the $5 million mark. This lets them run a full 13 episodes made for TV.

The best thing? Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day will be on the show, two nerd favorites. In short, it’s going to be pretty badass.

Now I just have to find jars of tamales to eat.