Dattch Lesbian Dating App Launches On Android, Expands Into New York

Dattch is one of the first and only mobile dating services that caters exclusively to women, just in case there are folks out there who would prefer to book a date more than 20 minutes in advance.

Today, Dattch goes live in New York after hitting the UK, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Florida. The app has also been released for Android in all available markets. And just in time for Pride next weekend.

Though gay and lesbian markets are more niche than the larger heterosexual population, they’re an underserved bunch. If anything, marginalized groups in society need more accessibility to meeting people online, which is exactly why Dattch was developed.

Founder Robyn Exton realized that the current dating products out there were not only flooded with dudes asking for threesomes, but that the actual mechanics of the services didn’t fit the way that queer women relate to each other.

To start, each Dattch user has their own living profile that they can update with photos from Instagram, Facebook and their camera album. You can view a Pinterest-style board of ladies in your area, or search through various filters.

And if you’re really shy, Dattch has a “Would You Rather?” type game that gets the conversation going. Users choose between two girls, and if both women choose each other, they’re sent a notification to let them know and get chatting.

You can like other users’ entire profile or individual photos, which sends them a notification, or add them to your Wish List secretly to keep an eye on them.

Dattch has a built-in blog so that queer women can keep up with community events, as well.

The company has raised $160k in seed funding and continues expanding to different markets in the U.S. You can learn more about Dattch here.