GymSurfing Acqui-Hires GymXchange To Build On Android

The CEO of GymXchange and his team have decided to fold up shop and join GymSurfing for the equivalent of $1 million in an all-stock deal. GymSurfing, the mobile app company that allows travelers to book gym day passes for $5/visit on their phone instead of paying the usual $15-$20 day pass, says this solves a major problem for them on Android.

“They have actually managed to onboard way more gyms in our second most important market, NYC. Also, the devs can help us plug our gaping Android hole (that literally everybody complains about) because they have a badass Android dev as well,” says GymSurfing CEO Kevin Bracken.

Former GymXchange founder, Jeff Winkler, who comes into the company with a finance background, will now head business development for GymSurfing.

GymSurfing reports to have over 15K users on the app since their launch in May. This acquisition allows their users to plug into 150+ gyms in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, Montreal.