Cloudyn Launches Enterprise Chargeback Edition To Help Large Companies Better Manage Their Cloud Costs

Lots of enterprises are moving to the cloud, but according to cloud monitoring and optimization service Cloudyn, what’s missing for many of them is insights into how their different business units are using various cloud services and how much they are paying for them. The company argues that C-level executives want more detailed insight into departmental, workgroup and user-based cloud activities than current solutions can offer.

To remedy this problem, Cloudyn is launching its Enterprise Chargeback Edition today. This service is aimed at enterprise finance and IT groups to help them more easily map their cloud costs to deployments at the departmental level. This should help them to get more insight into how their business units use the cloud and how to optimize their cloud activities.

Using the tool, different business units can get their own unique views to specific cloud accounts that are relevant to them and then manage their usage and cost accordingly. Finance and IT teams and managers can also break costs down to relevant business units or cost centers and determine which units are driving costs.

“With all of the varying pricing models for multiple cloud vendors, we understand that cloud cost management is a significant challenge for our enterprise customer base,” said Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn, in a statement today. “Therefore, we’re really pleased to make available this industry-first solution that offers clear insights into how enterprises can spend less on their cloud investment.”