Ubicloud wants to build an open source alternative to AWS

Using the large cloud computing providers is convenient, but not exactly cheap. Ubicloud, a new startup founded by the team behind Citus Data, which Microsoft acquired in 2019, wants to change the dyn

A government watchdog hacked a US federal agency to stress-test its cloud security

A U.S. government watchdog stole more than 1GB of seemingly sensitive personal data from the cloud systems of the U.S. Department of the Interior. The good news: The data was fake and part of a series matches AI workloads with cloud GPU compute

GPUs’ ability to perform many computations in parallel make them well-suited to running today’s most capable AI. But GPUs are becoming tougher to procure, as companies of all sizes increase their

Vertice raises $25M for AI-based tools to help companies tackle software spend

When you say the phrase “expense management” in a business context, people might think of software like Concur that tracks what you spend on travel, entertainment and other work-related ac

Startups should use this co-selling technique for successful partnerships with cloud hyperscalers

The basis of the co-sell GTM strategy is built on understanding the problem and debunking the most common myths of the partner experience.

Google says it’ll stop charging fees to transfer data out of Google Cloud

Google today announced that it’ll stop charging Google Cloud customers a fee to migrate their data to another cloud provider or on-premise data center, effective immediately. Customers using Goo

With Neptune Analytics, AWS combines the power of vector search and graph data

There’s been a debate of sorts in AI circles about which database is more important in finding truthful information in generative AI applications: graph or vector databases. AWS decided to leave

DuploCloud lands $32M infusion to make provisioning cloud apps easier

It’s only appropriate that, during AWS’ biggest week of the year, a cloud-based software-as-a-service startup closed a sizeable funding round. DuploCloud, which sells a set of tools to mak

AWS adds Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock to help safeguard LLMs

We are all talking about the business gains from using large language models, but there are lot of known issues with these models, and finding ways to constrain the answers that a model could give is

Amazon announces three new serverless offerings to kick off AWS re:Invent 2023

Amazon kicked off AWS re:Invent, its annual customer conference, in Las Vegas tonight with a few new serverless offerings designed to make it easier to manage Aurora, ElastiCache and Redshift serverle

Cast AI, which helps companies optimize cloud spend, lands $35M

The mass move to digital during the pandemic and the embrace of generative AI accelerated cloud adoption, and the trend hasn’t reversed. On the contrary, Gartner estimates that, in 2023, global

Data observability platform Kloudfuse launches out of stealth with $23M

It’s tough to recover from catastrophic system failures when you’re flying blind. Yet, many companies admit they’re doing just that — flying blind, more or less — where i

New AWS service lets customers rent Nvidia GPUs for quick AI projects

More and more companies are running large language models, which require access to GPUs. The most popular of those by far are from Nvidia, making them expensive and often in short supply. Renting a lo

Oxide is the latest startup to try and bring the power of the cloud on prem

Over the years, we’ve seen a bunch of attempts to bring cloud-like functionality to the private data center, from Mesosphere to OpenStack, along with lots of other hardware and software experiments

Ternary, a cloud spend management startup, raises $12M

Ternary, a platform that helps companies manage how much they’re spending on cloud resources across multiple public cloud providers, today announced that it raised $12 million in a Series A fund

Modal Labs lands $16M to abstract away big data workload infrastructure

Modal Labs, a platform that provides cloud-based infrastructure to data teams and app developers, particularly those creating generative AI applications, has raised $16 million in a Series A funding r

Cloudflare launches new AI tools to help customers deploy and run models

Looking to cash in on the AI craze, Cloudflare, the cloud services provider, is launching a new collection of products and apps aimed at helping customers build, deploy and run AI models at the networ

Exostellar raises $15M to help companies optimize their cloud spend

Public cloud services spending is projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2026, up from $531.7 billion this year, according to IDC. But as the use of cloud services expands, organizations are having a tou

Danish cloud host says customers ‘lost all data’ after ransomware attack

Cloud host CloudNordic says most of its customers have “lost all data with us” following a ransomware attack on its data center systems, including its backups. The Denmark-based cloud comp

AWS revenue growth dropped to 12% in Q2, but company remains optimistic about cloud biz

Amazon has seen AWS growth rates dropping substantially over the last three quarters, from 20% to 16% to 12% this quarter. That’s not the kind of trend any company wants to see, but especially for a
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