BSX Insight Looks To Shake Up Wearable Fitness Tracking With A Needle-Free Lactate Threshold Sensor

What is your Lactate Threshold? Chances are you don’t know, but if you’re a serious athlete who runs or cycles, it could be just the key to improving your endurance and strength.

BSX Insight, based out of Houston, is the first-ever Lactate threshold monitor, meaning it analyzes the the composition and health of your actual muscles as you’re working out over time.

This is usually a blood-based test that involves needles and labs, but BSX Athletic has developed a light-based system to take the measurement instead. The wearable, which attaches to your calf muscle, uses LEDs to measure the tissue inside your leg, from the muscle itself to the capillaries to fat layers, and everything in between.

BSX Insight grabs that sample multiple times per second to create a unique readout of what’s happening inside that muscle at any given time.

Plus, the device measures things like pace/speed, heart rate, cadence, calories, and even oxygenation status.

The company has been on Kickstarter for less than a week, and has already raised nearly $40k of their $50k funding goal. According to the team, this will allow them to focus on the software side of the company.

As it stands now, the BSX Insight can pair with almost any sports watch via Bluetooth or an ANT connection.

“Our goal is to develop a truly agnostic piece of wearable tech that in time will sync with any other training platform—Training Peaks, Addaero, etc,” said President and Co-Founder Dustin Freckleton, M.D. “Of course this will depend on the cooperation of the developers of those platforms.”

In order to make sure you can get your data right from the start, BSX is working with ThisIsAnt and other third party developers to ensure that users can access their information on any platform they want. They also offer trainBSX, which is a web-based freemium platform. Unpaid users will have complete access to their data over time, and premium customers will be able to create their own workouts and push planned workouts to a sports watch for $3.99/month.

If you want to learn more about BSX Insight, head over to the Kickstarter page here.