The Future Of The iPhone, If Unbound By The Requirements Of Reality

Apple has taught us to dream.

When the company launched game-changing products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple made us feel like the future we picture in our minds will one day be a reality. And here we are, with Elon Musk working on flying cars while Pebble and friends put your smartphone on your wrist.

But some of us take the dream more seriously than others.

Take, for example, these iPhone concept videos from Set Solution, which show an impossibly thin iPhone Air and an outrageously curved iPhone 6C. As you can probably guess, this time the C stands for Curved.

The concept for an iPhone Air is particularly beautiful, with an edge-to-edge glass display and a profile so thin it nearly disappears. Unfortunately, there are a number of obstacles between this concept and reality, least of which being a power source that can fit into such a thin device and still give our digital obsessions enough juice for a full day.

In a second video, you can check out a concept for a curved iPhone 6C, with the same colorful plastic but an uncharacteristic, super curved display.

Apple has reportedly been working on curved display technology based on some recent patents. But it’s fair to remember that Apple patents all kinds of technology that may never make it into a product.

Important Note: These videos are not produced by Apple. These videos have no affiliation to Apple. And perhaps more crucially, the technology shown in these videos is not realistic by any means.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, right? Apple would want us to dream.

Happy Friday.

[via CNET]