Bunkr Unveils New Major Version Of Its PowerPoint Killer

French startup Bunkr just released a new major version of its presentation web app in partnership with Etamin Studio. It still is a fully responsive HTML5 web app that works seamlessly on your computer, phone or tablet. Yet, it was redesigned from the ground up and the new user experience should make the app more appealing to new users.

As a reminder, Bunkr is the PowerPoint killer we’ve all been waiting for. It allows you to collect content and create a presentation, integrating the cumbersome image searching and saving step into the service. Whenever you see something that you want to add to your presentation, just click on the bookmarklet and it will be in your Bunkr account. Users can collect images, videos, websites, articles, notes or quotes.

On the presentation side, it looks a lot like PowerPoint for the web. Like in PowerPoint and unlike in Prezi, Bunkr still uses the traditional slide metaphor with simple drag and drop mechanisms. In other words, Bunkr paid attention to heavy PowerPoint users — they won’t feel lost.

Finally, sharing a Bunkr presentation is as easy as sharing a URL. It makes it much easier to see a presentation on a smartphone or tablet or even to send a presentation to someone. And if you really need this .ppt or .pdf file, you can download it.

For now, you have to search on Google Images, YouTube and your hard drive to import content. Adding support for more services should come next. Even though Bunkr wants to replace your Evernote presentation folder, linking directly to Evernote has its own advantages.

Out of its 35,000 user base, 500 clients are already paying for the product. The ratio is definitely low, but the startup already has some high-ranked clients, such as Amazon, Publicis and Orangina Schweppes. This new version is really what it should have been from the get-go. It looks better and it works better. Now, gaining traction and raising the right amount of money are the two next steps to turn Bunkr into a serious Prezi and Google Docs competitor.