Microsoft’s Presentation Translator translates presentations in real time

A lot of what Microsoft is showing at its Build conference this week is squarely aimed at developers. But in the barrage of news about Azure, Visual Studio and .NET, the company also showed off a pre

Against The Odds, Bunkr Raises $1.4 Million For Its PowerPoint Killer

French startup Bunkr raised $1.4 million (€1 million) from Idinvest Partners, Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely and Free founder Xavier Niel. When I first covered the online presentation service in A

Office For iPad Review: Surprisingly Worth The Wait

Microsoft has launched new Office for iPad software, finally, after people have been asking for it since, oh, say, the day in 2010 when the iPad originally launched. The new apps are currently availab

PicHit.Me Nabs $3M To Grow Its Global Photo Market That Wants To Make PowerPoint Users Pay

Crowdsourced photo marketplace startup PicHit.Me has secured its first tranche of external funding -- closing a $3 million early expansion funding round led by VC firm Almi Invest.

Haiku Deck Launches, Brings Upstart Software To Us, On All Our Desktops

Presentation software startup HaikuDeck had a very specific aim at launch: build an app for creating slide decks on mobile that didn't suck. Now, the company has amassed 800,000 downloads since its la

Online Presentation Startup Prezi Zooms To 30M Users And 96M Prezis, Hires Apple, Google, Flip Video Execs For Global Growth

In a world where many eyes have glazed over at the thought of PowerPoint presentations, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.prezi.com">Prezi</a>, a startup that lets you create presentations online wi

Bunkr Unveils New Major Version Of Its PowerPoint Killer

French startup Bunkr just released a new major version of its presentation web app in partnership with Etamin Studio. It still is a fully responsive HTML5 web app that works seamlessly on your compute

Bunkr Is The PowerPoint Killer We’ve All Been Waiting For

French startup Bunkr is focused on one simple task: killing PowerPoint. To achieve this goal, the company’s well-designed web app will help you collect visual content and organize it into slides

Death To Powerpoint! Piccsy Rethinks The Pitchdeck, Gets Tons Of Pageviews

Your Powerpoint pitchdeck is so boring. So. Freaking. Boring. Although tech bloggers aren't sent startup's actual pitchdecks as often as investors are (thankfully), we're still walked through them on

Fotolia Plugs Into Office 2007 Apps – Buy Stock Photos Straight From MS Word

<img src="https://beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/fotolia.png" width="188" height="59" /><a href="http://www.fotolia.com/">Fotolia</a> is today releasing a new add-in ribbon for Microso

I hate PowerPoint presentations, don't you?

http://static.slideshare.net/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=death-by-powerpoint4344 | View | Upload your own This is how not to suck the life out of your colleagues with PowerPoint, which is ironically present

Slideshare: Awwwwww, cheer up, sad clown!

http://s3.amazonaws.com/slideshare/ssplayer2.swf?doc=honey-id-like-to-have-a-threesome3445 | View | Upload your own Look! They’re so sad they’re soliciting sex online! This is a thankless

Helio Launches Mail For Microsoft Exchange Beta

Oh happy day! Helio officially released Mail for MS Exchange last night into beta, so all the business-user-haters can quit their griping. All Ocean owners with an All-in account will be privy to the

Gmail Intros PowerPoint Preview

In Google’s never ending war against all other software companies, a feature in Gmail was just spotted which allows instant slideshow previews of all PowerPoint files. Google has mentioned that

PowerPoint Control with your iPod

There are lots of ways to present your latest sales losses via PowerPoint–A veritable cottage industry has been built around little devices that advance or retreat your negative sales figures. T