UFC’s Dana White: “Twitter Is The Greatest Marketing Tool In The History Of The World”

Editor’s note: Guest contributor Joseph Puopolo is an entrepreneur and start-up enthusiast. He is also an Ultimate Fighting enthusiast. He took his camera to a Ultimate Fighting Championship event and came back with this interview with UFC president Dana White. His last post was on the social media strategies of professional wrestling

I got to meet and interview Dana White ahead of UFC 140. The event takes place on December 10th in Toronto, Canada and like every UFC event, heavily hyped via social media. Over the past 3 years, Dana White and the UFC have built a very strong social media presence, with 1.7 million followers on Twitter. I wanted to speak to the president of the UFC himself and get some more detail on what he thinks of Twitter and other social media tools. Dana talks about how he got into Twitter, how he uses it to help his business, what are the pitfalls and benefits.

He’s a huge fan. “It’s the greatest marketing tool in the history of the world and it is free,” he tells me. Watch the video.