Cloudera Updates Hadoop Management App With Health Checks, Reporting Features And More

Cloudera, the startup that commercially distributes and services Apache Hadoop based data management software and services, is releasing a new version of its enterprise product complete with with Cloudera Manager, a comprehensive management application for Hadoop.

Hadoop is a Java software framework born out of an open-source implementation of Google’s published computing infrastructure which is fostered within the Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop supports distributed applications running on large clusters of commodity computers processing enormous amounts of data. Cloudera helps distribute Hadoop, and provides practical services around the technology, similar to what Red Hat does for the Linux framework.

The new version of Cloudera Enterprise, which gives companies visibility, reliability and automation for the Apache Hadoop platform, includes proactive health checks, intelligent Hadoop log management and operational reporting.

Cloudera will now gathers and scans Hadoop logs for irregularities and proactively creates events for the operator The software also correlates cluster-wide jobs, activities, logs, system changes, configuration changes and service metrics along a single timeline to dramatically simplify diagnosis.

And Cloudera will alerts developers if nodes or services in poor health, as well as when jobs or activities are slow or failing. Cloudera Enterprise 3.7 with Cloudera Manager is immediately available as a subscription service.

The company recently launched a comprehensive partner program recently for the companies that use its services. And in June, Cloudera debuted a new version of its service with Cloudera SCM Express, which makes it fast and easy for anyone to install and configure a complete Apache Hadoop-based stack.

Cloudera just announced $40 million in new funding led by Ignition Partners, Greylock, Accel, Meritech Capital Partners, and In-Q-Tel.