Cloudera Now Certifies Companies For Apache Hadoop; Launches Partner Program

Cloudera, the startup that commercially distributes and services Apache Hadoop based data management software and services, is announcing a comprehensive partner program today for the companies that use its services.

Hadoop is a Java software framework born out of an open-source implementation of Google’s published computing infrastructure which is fostered within the Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop supports distributed applications running on large clusters of commodity computers processing enormous amounts of data. Cloudera helps distribute Hadoop, and provides practical services around the technology, similar to what Red Hat does for the Linux framework.

The partner program includes a self-­‐certification suite that enables vendors to test and validate hardware and software for supportable operation within an Apache Hadoop cluster. Partners will also receive resources on technical training, marketing tools and more. And the company showcases certain on vendors across the ecosystem, so prospective companies can get insight on actual deployments.

Ed Albanese, business development chief for Cloudera, explains that that certification program is important to companies, and is similar to how Red Hat to validates the Linux operating system. With the partner program in general, he explains that Cloudera is trying to introduce a commercial link to see what’s happening in the development process and get an inside view into vendors.