Cloudera Updates Enterprise Offering; Debuts Quick Apache Hadoop Deployment Software

Cloudera, the startup that commercially distributes and services Apache Hadoop based data management software and services, is unveiling a new version of its service, Cloudera Enterprise 3.5. The company is also releasing Cloudera SCM Express, which makes it fast and easy for anyone to install and configure a complete Apache Hadoop-based stack.

Hadoop is a Java software framework born out of an open-source implementation of Google’s published computing infrastructure which is fostered within the Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop supports distributed applications running on large clusters of commodity computers processing enormous amounts of data. Cloudera helps distribute Hadoop, and provides practical services around the technology, similar to what Red Hat does for the Linux framework.

Cloudera Enterprise is a subscription service that offers authorization management and provisioning, integration configuration and monitoring and resource management.

Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 has been upgraded to allow enterprises to manage the complete operational lifecycle of their Apache Hadoop systems. The new version gives companies a deeper visibility into Hadoop clusters and automates the ongoing system changes needed to maintain and improve the quality of operations.

For example, users can now easily get, install and configure Apache Hadoop in minutes from a central dashboard and continue to make configuration updates while the system is running. Cloudera also automates manual administrative processes to save time and reduce errors, automating the enablement of Hadoop security for a multi-node cluster in just one click.

An activity monitor provides a deep, real-time view into Hadoop systems and consolidates all user activities (MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Streaming, Oozie) into a single, real-time view of what is happening across a Hadoop cluster at both a macro and micro level.

Cloudera’s new SCM Express takes the complexity out of deploying, configuring and managing a range of Apache Hadoop services and allows anyone to develop and centrally operate a complete Apache Hadoop cluster up to 50 nodes. The free software automates installation and configuration, reducing deployment time from weeks to minutes, and provides cluster-wide, real-time views of nodes and services running in a single, centralized location for easy configuration across the cluster.
Cloudera has raised $25 million in new funding.